Military Divorce In South Carolina

Divorce is a hectic process. Whether it is a military or a civilian divorces, it will still take a toll on you. Things can be easier when you have an attorney experienced in military divorce in South Carolina working on your case.

When you get married, you picture a happy ever after situation together with your spouse. When that comes to an end, and you are in the process of divorce, it affects everyone involved, especially the kids.

If you and your spouse have been in the military service or are still serving, we can help you out. If you or your spouse is part of the military, we also want to help you get the best outcome.

We at Greenville Family attorneys understand that the military divorce process is a little different from civil divorce. We want to take what we know and put it into practice in your case.

At Greenville Family attorneys, we deal with military couple divorces, and we want to help you out through this tough time.

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A Look Into Military Divorce In Greenville, South Carolina

Here are a few ways that military and non-military divorce laws differ. While filing for divorce one of the couples must be a resident of the state. At least one of them needs to have lived in the state of South Carolina for a year. If they both reside in the same state, they will need to establish that they are residents for a period of 3 months before filing for a divorce.

The residency requirement for military members in active duty service is different. They only need to have resided in South Carolina for a year. They can file for a divorce in the state whether or not they plan to leave the state afterward.

After one of the parties files for a divorce, there is a thirty-day period for the other party to respond. The waiting period will be longer for a military spouse who is away in active service elsewhere.

The non-military spouse can claim military retired pay to be divided. The military retired pay is classified under marital assets when divorce proceedings are ongoing. The military retired pay can be divided directly from their paycheck, and the former spouse will get direct payments.

Active military divorce South Carolina

Active duty spouses can get anticipatory relief. If you were making spousal or child support payments from a civilian job you held and you get deployed to another location, you file for relief. If you foresee a situation where you cannot pay what you are obligated to pay, anticipatory relief can help.

It will allow you to either pay a lower amount or to stop making payments until a period when you can make the payments.

We can tell you more about your rights and what you are entitled to do when you come to us. At Greenville Family attorneys, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need. Call us for an initial consultation.

Help You Can Get from Military Divorce Lawyers In Greenville, South Carolina

It is important to know that military divorce will be different from civilian divorce. It will usually take a longer period of time.

However, when you are going through a military divorce, you need a military attorney experienced in cases such as yours. Here are some of the things that we can help you with during the divorce process.

  • Military Child Support matters
  • Division of property/ division of assets
  • Marital property and asset division
  • Disputes about child custody matters
  • Military pension benefits

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Marital Property Division: Get to Know about Diving Military Pensions

As a spouse planning to get a divorce, you will need to know more about the military pension. If you wish to get a share of the military pension, you need to raise the issue during the divorce proceedings. Even if your partner is still on active duty and a long way from retirement, you should still apply to get a share of the pension.

If you want to know more about the military retirement benefits, you can ask your partner earlier on. Your spouse may be unwilling to give you the information, and that is where we come in. You can hire our South Carolina divorce lawyers to find out more about it.

If you do not address military pension during the divorce, the pension may not be divided after the divorce happens. However, it is still possible to get a solution even after divorce. The process may be expensive and can be difficult to analyze at this point. Still, with the right attorney working with you, you have a higher chance of getting military benefits during family court hearings.

Military divorce lawyer in Greenville, South Carolina

As a retired service member, you will need a lawyer by your side that will help you understand how you can secure your funds. They will help you understand the entire property division process and military pension so you will still live a good life after retirement. We want to help you ensure that your case is treated fairly during family court proceedings, and it starts with choosing the right military divorce attorney and family court judge to work on your case.

Finding the right family court to take care of military divorce issues can be a bit of a hustle since they often move. At Greenville Family Attorneys, we can help you with your case, whether you are the spouse of or are military personnel. We would love to hear about your situation and help you find a solution. Why don’t you get in touch with us?

Military Divorce in South Carolina and Child Custody Issues

Every parent must create a plan on how they are going to spend time with their children. Even if you are deployed, you need to have a plan to show how you will be present in your child’s life. If the military parent base is near where their kids stay, you can come up with a family care plan that shows how you will visit them.

There are times when the military parent may be deployed to duty stations overseas. It is important to communicate with the spouse.

In rare complicated child custody cases, child support may be granted to the active duty military parents. If they have to be deployed, the civilian child will be looked after by a guardian. It is as well possible for federal regulations to allow military parent to get joint custody. In this case, if they are further away, the civilian spouse will look after the children. 

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We have been working with military families for a while now. We know the process and the special requirements regarding the divorce. Whether you are an active member, military retiree, or the spouse of a service member, we are ready to help your military family and walk the walk with you.

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